About us

What unites us is our passion for building fascinating companies.
We approach what we do with a lot of enthusiasm and love our jobs – because no where do we spend more of our lives than at work. Companies only work through visions and people. Ready for the next step? Together, nothing can stop us.



About Us

Stronger together! Tomorrow isn’t enough – the day after tomorrow is closer. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Our vision is “Brilliant marketing and the implementation of online business ideas as services for people and companies.”
We create honest and refreshing marketing for business ideas online.

Society is undergoing a transformation, and so is the relationship between clients and their customers. As pioneers of this digital transformation, we create strategies and opportunities for our clients. Together with our clients, we develop innovative ways of convincing tomorrow’s customers as people and companies.

How we can support you



Nothing for scaredy-cats. Individualized ideas and concepts, consulting, implementation and support so your business is ready for the future. Your digital communication on the Web.



Recognizing problems, finding long-term solutions through new business ideas and creating future incentives for individuals and companies. Our B2C and B2B mission is to achieve a sustainable economy.



When 3+2 suddenly equals 6. Recognizing your own strengths, optimizing these and potentially expanding them. Package deals are always better!



Think together – work together. The most important start for startups: finding synergies, combining solutions and growing stronger together.

Our Competencies

The basis of unique projects is the right mix of core competencies and target groups. Fresh marketing and cross-industry solutions are the latest trend for the companies of tomorrow. The next generation will discover you online.

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Our Services

Being willing to embrace change, to follow a new path.

Having the courage to go above and beyond. With a mix of these things, we can make it happen:


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BuonITech – The Innovation Community

We would also like to make our contribution and mix traditional companies with solutions and ideas from the local & digital world through an innovative community. A place where ideas or solutions can be found and exchanged. Maybeeee – are you interested? Become part of a community of tomorrow. You can find more information here:



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You saw it coming! We think it’s great that you’re here, and our insider blog really is something special – including for us! Hard to believe all the crazy developments in our online world. Stick with us, and you’ll never miss anything again 😉

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